Quality and Affordable Services on for auto body repair in Vancouver

auto-repairAt A1Unity, if your car has been involved in a collision or has suffered damage from long-term everyday use, you will need extensive auto body repair to repair it back to its original shape. This may involve handling scratches, dents, and spoiled metal frames.

However, that is no problem for our highly trained technicians in providing these repairs. A1 Unity holds a great reputation in auto body repair in Vancouver and is known for delivering the best services for our customers. With the very dedicated specialists working in A1 Unity, the damages to your car will be assessed immediately and thoroughly.




Why should you make A1 Unity your number one choice for car body repairs?


Genuine parts: In cases where the damages are extensive, our technicians may be required to find substitutions for certain auto body parts. A1 Unity has employed certified and highly trained technicians who understand the significance of using all genuine parts. This will help in preserving the value and quality of your vehicle.

Quality services: A1 Unity is proud to employ professionals who have undergone extensive training and are continuously going through refresher courses so that they are up to speed on the latest products and technology. We firmly believe that you will benefit from our quality services and will have your car refurbished to perfection.

Experience: A1 Unity is a trusted auto body repair company in Vancouver and has been providing auto body repair services for over 20 years. You can feel safe in knowing your car is with the highly experienced and dedicated technicians. We also provide a guarantee of warranty on all repairs done to your vehicle.